Automatic assembly machine

Study and production of automatic assembly machines :
Automatic assembly machine

Study and production of automatic assembly machines :

A machine is fully automated when the customer’s needs don’t require manual intervention and most of the time they represent sets of successive actions

Examples of achievements :

Multi-station automatic robotic cell

Automatic multi-station robot cell

Multi-station robotic cell on a rotating base for assembling automotive electronic components using various technologies :

  • Component supply by vibrating bowl
  • 4-axis STAUBLI component loading robot Product
  • conformity control by vision
  • Contact cutting and removal
  • Hot stamping assembly
  • Snap-fastening control by laser sensor
  • Force control (2 Newton)
  • STAUBLI 4-axis robot for unloading the assembly on thermoformed trays

Automatic assembly line

Automatic assembly line

Assembly line consisting of three turntable machines for robotic PCB soldering, potting and assembly for automotive wiper control boards.

Cell 1 :

  • Component conformity check
  • Automatic soldering by three JANOME 4-axis robots and JAPAN UNIX soldering head
  • Welding quality control

Cell 2 :

  • Potting deposit by 3-axis digital axes
  • Infrared oven polymerization

Cell 3 :

  • Deshuntage
  • Deposit and appearance control by vision of the joint
  • Component assembly and dielectric testing

Automatic pallet storage cell

Automatic puck storage cell

Automated cell for storage in basket of components (multiple references) from bulk.

  • Supply by vibrating bowl
  • Putting the pucks online
  • Gripper on digital axes with electromagnet


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