Semi auto assembly machines

Study and production of semi-automatic assembly machines:

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Study and production of semi-automatic assembly machines:

A semi-automatic machine is offered when the shape, size and geometry of the components do not allow automatic feeding.

And when the customer's volume requirements are less than the capacity of an automatic machine.

Semi-automatic station with digital axis

Semi-automatic assembly cell for valves of different diameters.

  • SCHNEIDER digital three-axis ball screw movement
  • Torque control of the valve axis of rotation up to 150 Nm
  • Vision control for product compliance (product reference and orientation)


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Semi-automatic assembly line

Multi-station assembly line for electric motors for roller shutters:

  • Electric shank with stroke / effort tracking
  • Semi-automatic lubrication
  • Screw and nut assembly
  • Mechanical functional check
  • Torque control
  • Control of the electronic cards program
  • Automatic label dispensing
  • Traceability via QR CODE
  • MES management

Battery assembly line

Multi-station battery assembly line for mobile equipment :

  • Supply and electrical control of accumulators (Voltage / Intensity / Resistance)
  • Automatic loading of cells in their support
  • Automatic point-to-point digital axis welding
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